Food | Body | Weight: Keeping Things In Proportion

Has your relationship with food, your body, and your weight been an emotional issue for most of your life? Are you ready to change the way you feel about you, the food you eat and how it affects you? We created The Food | Body | Weight: Keeping Things in Proportion alignment session to help […]

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Heart Aligned Leadership: How To Create Win-Win Outcomes

Peace Overtures Radio: Thursday 8|7PMc  This week David and Sue-Anne wrap up their five part Heart-Aligned Leadership series with How To Create Win-Win Outcomes. In this episode they teach from the movie: The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014).    Sue-Anne completes the program with an alignment session called: Forgiveness Brings Freedom.  This episode will air on Thursday […]


Heart Aligned Leadership: 5 Empowering Ways To Improve Teamwork

  Welcome to part 4 of David and Sue-Anne’s Heart Aligned Leadership Series on  This week’s episode provides an opportunity to learn five empowering ways to improve team work. The featured Alignment movie is A Late Quartet. Sue-Anne wraps up the show with an Alignment Session called: I Embrace My Team Within. Please join us […]


Howard Schultz + Norman Lear: Heart Aligned Leaders

  An Example of Heart Aligned Leadership: Part 3 In this episode, David and Sue-Anne provide examples of successful heart aligned leadership. They feature the show: Iconoclasts: Howard Schultz + Norman Lear. Sue-Anne completes the show with an Alignment Session called: Follow Your Inner Guidance. This episode is now available for streaming. CLICK HERE   […]

Heart Aligned Leadership-2

Peace Overtures Radio: Releasing The Pattern Of Force

This is part 2 of David and Sue-Anne’s Heart Aligned Leadership series on FMG Radio . This week they discuss the movie Whiplash (2014 film) and how it will help you release the pattern of force in your leadership style. Sue-Anne will complete the show with a real-time Alignment Session called Making Room For Growth. […]

Heart Aligned Leadership

Heart Aligned Leadership Series – Do you Lead From Power or Force?

  Please join us tonight 8|7c on where we kick off our 5-part Series Called: Heart Aligned Leadership. This week’s show we’ll be featuring Buck Brannaman and how he leads from power. Please Join Us!  

Carnage Free3

Are You Ready For a Carnage Free Holiday?

    Are you ready to make a shift towards peace and joy this holiday season?   Are you like many people and dread the stress that can sometimes occur during the holidays? If you’re afraid of reliving past emotional carnage with your family than you’ll want to try our Carnage Free Holiday Alignment Session. […]


5 Ways to Practice Happiness

Are you happy? For some of us, we just don’t know. For others, we’re not even sure what happiness means to us or how to recognize it in our lives. That’s the case for Hector in the movie, Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014). Hector (Simon Pegg) is a psychiatrist who has a steady […]

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In Search of Tolerance: 5 Ways To Open Your Heart

Technology has evolved beyond our comprehension. Today we’re connected like no other time in history. Through our phones, the Internet, and social media we’re aware of each other and our every daily experiences from the mundane to life changing events. While technology continues to evolve at an astounding pace, our emotional ways of being have […]


Peace Overtures Radio 8/7PM Central

  Please join us each week on where we use movies to help you make a shift to a more heart-centered life.