Heart Based Economics – Radio Interview with Angela Levesque

David Barnes was interviewed by Angela Levesque. In this podcast they discussed: Heart Based Economics New books: Taming Your Dragons and It’s Just Commerce Movies: True Grit, Wall Street, The Promised Land and more New structures in business Professor Muhammed Yunus and Social Business Click Here For Link To Podcast About: On Health and Healing […]


Are You Feeling Rejected?

Rejection can hurt, especially when we take feedback, reactivity, and other unpleasant behavior from others personally. Anyone that puts their gifts out for the world to judge will at one time or another feel rejection. When you create something new, people judge and reject what they don’t understand. It doesn’t have to trip you up […]


How To Be The Star of Your Life

We created the Alignment Process to provide an empowering way to master your emotions and change the beliefs that limit your joy. Like any changes we make in life, it’s a process that takes time and patience. The more you practice the better you get. It’s about discovering a way to become the star of […]


How To Have Peace During The Holidays

Around the holidays, I was listening to Robert Earl Keen’s Happy Holidays Y’all. It’s funny and reminded me of the craziness that sometimes occurs during the holidays. Keen’s deft story telling sure paints a clear picture of holidays many of us have experienced. It’s funny and sometimes not so much. If you’re worried you might […]

peace of the puzzle

How To Make A Shift By Watching Movies

In 2006, we discovered that movies could be a powerful tool for lasting energetic change. Sue-Anne had been a Resonance Repatterning practitioner for many years with a global client base. We utilized her abilities to begin our own change work by reworking the emotional patterns we saw in popular movies. We decided to become proxies […]