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Peace Overtures Radio: How To Change Your Beliefs About Money

  The beliefs you have about money and your judgments of others that have money, could be getting in the way of attracting abundance.  If you’re ready to change your beliefs about money, tune in to Peace Overtures Radio and make a shift towards a prosperity mindset. This is part three of David and Sue-Anne’s […]

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In Search of Tolerance Part 2: How To Be More Civil

The early use of the word civility was used to describe the state of being a good citizen or orderly behavior. Later in the mid 16th century it came to connote politeness. M. Scott Peck writes that civility might have much more to do with conscious intention and awareness. In his book: A World Waiting […]


In Search of Tolerance Part 1: Five Steps To Better Relationships

Welcome to our five part series on discovering tolerance. We created this series to assist with interpersonal relationships. Inevitably our emotional “stuff” gets stirred when we engage with others and begin the process of connecting at deeper levels. These alignment movies will assist you in making a shift to more tolerance in your life. More tolerance […]


Peace Overtures Radio: Finding Flow In The Moment

This week’s show is the first of a five part series on prosperity. David and Sue-Anne will be discussing the movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Sue-Anne wraps up the show with a special alignment session around creativity. When you tune in and do the statements with her, you’ll get a real time alignment […]


Peace Overtures Radio – Special Guest: Justin Faerman

We have a terrific show for you this week called: Aligning With Your Brilliance. We’ll be discussing the movie: Searching For Sugar Man.  We’ll also spend some time with Justin Faerman, the co-founder of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine. Justin is a terrific example of someone who’s aligned with their brilliance. We enjoyed talking to Justin and believe you’ll […]